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Something big happened! 
Real Abortion Stories: The Hurting and The Healing 
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This book of fifteen short, riveting stories, told without editorial comment, offer hope and healing.

  • If you are suffering because of an abortion:

You are not alone. You will be encouraged by these heartwarming stories of healing. An Appendix contains extensive free sex resources with contact information. To order, see Order Book Page. 

  • If you are considering having an abortion:

Your situation is probably similar to at least one of our story contributors. We invite you to visit the Book Contents Page. The chapter titles describe the pressures and circumstances that influenced each free sex websites contributor to terminate her pregnancy. These stories will help you be more fully informed about the consequences of your decision. To order, see Order Book Page.

  • If you are a Pregnancy Center:

Looking for local sex resources to use in your Center.  We invite you to go to the A Resource for Centers Page to see how this book can be a valuable tool for your Center. 

Looking for a fundraising event speaker. We invite you to go to the Speaking Page to find out more about Barbara Horak and her sex app availability to speak at your event. Also see About Barbara Horak Page.